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Hai Welcome to my blog! I'm Jeannie Ramos CabataƱa. You can call me Jenai for short..
im turning 22 this year, Yikes!!a Registered Nurse and still unemployed..

Hmmmmm..what to say??!!!!lol..oh well, i normally post what i feel or something im inspired with. and if im in a bad mood ill probably post that in here, sorry for that. NO LIES ONLY TRUTH!!!

If you wanna ask me anything feel free to TA me.. I'm APPROACHABLE HARMLESS HUMAN!^_^
Anyways, have a good day to you and enjoy :)

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    Missing Him THEME BY: ©YAM16
    Made for Born This Way

    Posted on February 2nd at 10:11 AM
    Tagged as: dont forget to smile. typos. Typography.
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